Well that was Interesting…

Senior Column


Over the last 4 years at this school, the dynamic of each class, passing through the halls and the communication and collaboration between teachers and students, and administration has changed so much since my first day of freshman year. (What happened to the pecking order of social classes?!) Now closing in on my last few days as I senior, I have seen many things happen, and I have heard many hushed conversations. Honestly, I don’t know how else Ames High would function. It seems to be almost meant to be. So, with that in mind, might I share a few pieces of advice?

First off, it wasn’t until this last year that I really stopped caring about what people think of me, both in and out of school and because of that, I have become so much more laid back. I wouldn’t go so far and say that I am happier because of it, but I have become more content. With all of the twists and turns that the senior class had to go through, accepting and expecting disappointment or BS is almost a daily occurrence. My best advice there is to just roll with it and you´ll be fine. Maybe every now and then, try to challenge the status quo, but don’t lose sleep over it. Especially here, nothing will probably change, or it will just take a step back and not forward. 

Ok but real talk. I really enjoyed my time at Ames High (pre-covid) so as I realize that I will be done soon does make me slightly sad. I won´t miss having to be here at 7:50 every single morning, and I won’t miss the overcrowded lunch room and school food. I won´t miss the crowded hallways and stairs and people that walk wayyy too slowly, and I won´t miss all of the office name changes (seriously why so many)? I will miss however, seeing my friends most of the time and chit chatting with my teachers in between classes and being late to my next class. I will miss seeing all of the art and legacies that come with walking around in this building, and I will miss what could have been an amazing senior year if not for the coronavirus. I will miss the dance marathons, the football games and being in the highschool cult that is marching band. 

So here are some final thoughts from me. Skipping class every once in a while won’t affect if I get into a good college (I´m looking at you mom), not turning in an assignment on time won’t be the end of the world. It is necessary to ¨collaborate¨ on homework. And I shouldn’t have to go through a 3 minute process just to leave class to fill up my water bottle or go to the bathroom. Senior year had so much potential, but instead it sucked so @theclassof2020 we had it worse because at least you had part of a normal year. Also, support every club and event that you can, Ames High, our spirit is gone so maybe try harder and just embrace being there. Don’t listen to what Haley says about social events because you should participate and show up. 

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the teachers that gossiped with me, and the ones who helped me actually understand the material in class. I would like to say to the teachers that didn´t do that, lets just take a moment of reflection of what could be tweaked. To my fellow senior classmates, we are almost done (maybe we are depending on when this is published so in that case, thank goodness thats over) and I will miss a fair amount of you when we follow our own paths after graduation. 

Peace out Ames High!

First day of Senior year and Erin is already famous!