Sexism in a Workplace Environment


For many women, graduating college with a bachelor’s or master’s is a huge accomplishment. But, soon to find out, the degree they get sometimes gets thrown to waste. When they get a new job, they’re not only faced with sexism between customers but also between colleagues. For millions of women, this is a daily occurrence. Their voice is not being heard or their ideas are completely shut down. In a world that advocates for equality, we’re still exceptionally far from equal amongst sexes.

Professors from the University of Chicago, the University of Northwestern, and the National University of Singapore created a study that focused on sexism in a workplace environment. To not mix up discrimination of race and sexism, they only focused on white men and women. The results were truly appalling. Let’s say a young white female grew up in a predominantly sexist state. She is automatically going to struggle financially just because she was born in that state. Even if she moves to a state that has a low sexism rate, she is still going to struggle financially due to where she moved from.

In the same study, these professors sent out a multiple-choice survey across the United States for white men to answer. The responses were, again, truly appalling. One male stated that “Women should take care of running their home and leave running the country to up to the men.” This is just one comment compared to many more that have a similar view on this topic. Not only do men feel threatened when a woman surpasses them in the workplace, but he also feels obligated to voice their opinion.

This isn’t a new issue that just appeared out of the blue, it’s been going on for centuries ever since women protested for their right to vote in 1920. Poor treatment is just one of many issues that women face. Another topic of discussion is pay. The pay gap between men and women is incredibly big. States have tried very hard to make pay equal. But, even then, many senators will protest against new laws that let women make almost the same as men. Laws such as Title VII Civil Rights Act of 1964 have been around for years now. We, as a society, have to stand up for what’s right. Discriminating based on sex goes against everything that we have fought for. Let women be as powerful as men are. They worked hard too, let them show what they’ve worked hard for.