Kathy Packer


After 16 years at the school, Kathy Packer’s career at Ames High is ending as the well known secretary closes out her career. The emails and announcements we all know will come from elsewhere, as Packer leaves Ames High with the shift of new buildings.

Q:How long have you been working at Ames High?

A: 16 years.


Q: What was your path to and through your work here?

A: I started working for the School District in 1997 in a Pre-school building, when the secretary job opened up at the high school, a good friend of mine asked me to apply, and here I am.


Q: What is/are your favorite part/moment(s) at Ames High?

A: All staff luncheons.


Q:What does your future look like after this final year at Ames High?

A: Not waking up to the alarm clock. Spending time with family out of state whenever I want. Camping during the weekdays and not the weekend. Leaving Iowa weather in the winter.


Q: How have you and the school changed throughout your time here?

A: I have changed by just getting older 🙂


Q: What advice do you have for current and future students?

A: Show up, do the work, earn the diploma.