Top 10 Things To Do In High School

Ezgi Ustundag

So all these senior columns are going to be really deep and thoughtful. Here’s a break from all that wishy-washy sentimental business.

10. Go to Uganda. The public sanitation system wOrKs gReAt! And don’€™t even get me started on those open sewers! (Side note: this trip is a wonderful learning experience that you should actually participate in. Now back to my rill list).

9. Join the WEB. Those stories are always so gReAt!

8. Take some more classes with Mr. Johnson. I think this falls heavily into the “adorable’ category.”€ ~ Darin Johnson

7. Check if you have enough flat bills in your possession. Just kidding, you can never have enough flat bills.

6. Acquire a taste for One Direction and LMFAO. Don’€™t ever look back; it’s no shame 2012.

5. Destroy the English language at the beginning of your senior year. You’€™ll regret it so many if you don’€™t. Like you won’€™t even be able to even.

4. Go to Madrigal all three nights for the remainder of your high school career. You say that it would cost you nearly $100 to go all three nights? sOuNdS gReAt!

3. Become tone deaf, and then join a band. Guys, Trying To Be Cute is the new Jaw Harp Potential! We’ve had so many gigs during which we’ve performed all our original songs!

2. Make a Twitter, fall in love (with the WEB editor-in-chief). What are you waiting for? Go make one! Those abs…oh, those abs.

1. Go to every senior open house and consume all of the food while tweeting. #yum