Mail In Voting

Jack Wanamaker, Editor

October 17, 2020

In the past four years, a lot has changed to say the least. Among these changes, every four years a new group of high school students can vote. For all of us at Ames High this will be our first vote so let’s make sure it counts. With the culmination of Covid-19 and lack of in person voting centers, ma...

Let’s Talk About the P-Word

Joyful students from AHS took the opportunity to meet and hear from Bernie Sanders prior to the caucus.

Sophia Cordoba, Reporter

March 4, 2020

Young Americans for Freedom. Ames High Young Democrats. Ames High for Bernie. Voter registrations drives. AP Gov. One might assume with all this in-school politics, we could all decide our opinions and be well-informed. Yet, if you truly begin to think about it, when was the last time you discussed polit...

Was the Causus a Cauc-up?

Andrew Hart, Reporter

March 4, 2020

Caucusing is a well known and well loved tradition in Iowa. You get hundreds of politically opposed Iowans, stuff them in a room meant for no more than fifty people, take a vote, wait about an hour, take another vote, and eventually one candidate will rise from the ashes as all the other candidates clai...

All Inked Up: Special Meanings Behind Teacher’s Tattoos

Zoe Mamakos and Akshata Gandhe

March 4, 2020

Ms. Havens Our new FCS teacher at Ames High is fond of meaningful and inspiring tattoos! Ms. Havens has three tattoos; the first one she got is behind her ankle bone, which is a cross, and the bible verse Philippians 4:13, she said that this particular bible verse motivates and inspires her every day. Her ...

Mandatory Naptime!

The WEB staff taking a nap after a tiring day.

Akshata Gandhe, Reporter

March 3, 2020

As I struggle to keep my eyes open for one more class period, my head starts pounding heavily. It is not because I don’t understand anything that the teacher is saying but because I haven’t had a good sleep in days. Now, this may sound alarming, but trust me, there are thousands of high schoolers ...

Happy/Bad memories?

A high school student pondering their memories in class.

Tamaiah Crawford, Reporter

February 20, 2020

A good friend asked me this and, at that moment, I couldn’t find an appropriate response to it: Does one’s past torture one’s memory, or does one’s memory torture one’s past?  A convoluted question that can result in so many interpretations, but how I saw it as a whole is the corruption...

Winter Tidings

Winter Tidings

Corinne Sailor, Comic Artist

December 16, 2019

Teachers, Here’s Your Semester Report Card

Teachers, Here's Your Semester Report Card

Logan Adams-Bacon

December 16, 2019

Generally speaking, all students have wanted to rate their teacher - No matter if it is a good or bad rating, we have all wanted to give our opinions at some point. But where are we allowed to do that? Right now, there really is no place that students are allowed to give opinions to their teachers. ...

Is the Terminator Series Even Good Anymore?

Logan Adams-Bacon

December 16, 2019

I think it is safe to say that basically everyone alive knows the Terminator series. If you don't, please feel free to leave this article and go read something else. For those of you that stayed, the Terminator series was a ground-breaking movie series that shaped the action and sci-fi genres. The...

Music Man Avery Suza

Photo Provided by Avery Suza

Akshata Gandhe

December 16, 2019

As high school students, we spend hours procrastinating. One thing we all struggle with is time management, with all the schoolwork, extracurriculars and the pressure of having a social life makes it even harder to balance out life. But for sophomore Avery Suza that’s not the case. For Avery, high sc...