It’s not worth it


Kub Stevens, Features editor

Hey there friend. You look a little tired. A tad bit worn and maybe slightly stressed? It’s not worth it man.


Life is short. Enjoy it while it’s here. Sure, there will be some struggle, some trial and tribulation, but you’re practically killing yourself, man. It’s just not worth it.


Your GPA already fell. College will still want you. Although I’d just like to point out that homeless people have nearly complete freedom over their lives. Don’t rule that option out. Take a scenic train ride across the country and see what’s really happening out there.


Don’t do your homework. At least not if it’s causing you this much stress. The teacher won’t understand, but this is preservation we’re talking about here. You won’t do too well in her class if the stress kills you before finals.


And that girl you’ve been talking to? Chill out friend. The secret to happiness is not found within her pants. Even if it were, that’s not yours to have. Just be buds.


I hear that your parents keep bugging you about your grades and what not. They probably just don’t get it. They want you to succeed, but you don’t have to succeed the way that they want you to, unless you want to. They’ve done their job in getting you to this point, now it’s your job to make something of yourself.


Stop eating that. Too much sugar to be downing twice a day. It will put you in a deep grave my friend.


Stop watching that stuff. I promise you it’s not worth it. When you actually sit back and think about it, you’ll see too that it just isn’t worth it. Animal.


It’s gonna be alright kid. You aren’t alone. The TV lied to you. These things really don’t matter that much. The worse that could happen is you dying, right? People do that all the time. Just try to have something worth dying for.

And these things right here, just aren’t worth it.