Maya Chen

Srishti Mathur, Reporter

If you hear the beautiful sound of the flute, there is a good chance that it is coming from the talent of Ames High junior Maya Chen. Maya Chen is a dedicated member of band, having been a member of it since 4th grade. She’s been playing the flute for the past seven years, and enjoys participating in marching band and Allstate, which is an advanced band with the best musicians in the state. Along with the flute, she also plays the piano, and loves listening to music.

Outside of band, Maya enjoys many things, from watching television to hanging out with friends to not doing homework. She is involved in Key Club, SHEPH, and Student Ambassadors.  She enjoys the outdoors and loves going on bike rides. Maya likes to hang out with friends and understands the power of laughter. The only time you won’t find a smile on her is when people walk slow in the hallways, one of her biggest pet peeves.

Maya Chen is an amazing person, a great student, and a dedicated role model.