Tyler Gross, Online Editor

As we begin to enter the month of April and the school year begins to wind down, one of the more exciting competitions at Ames High is just getting started. The iQuiz season is a competition between Ames High students, to find the ultimate “whiz-kids” at Ames High. The competition pits two teams against one another to see which team can answer more questions than the other.

iQuiz takes place during second lunch with one game per day, every day of the week.

Senior Jack Heikens says everyone should join iQuiz. “iQuiz is one of the most fun clubs we have at the high school. It’s a fantastic way to showcase my vast amount of knowledge while competing against my peers.”

It also appears to be a very competitive event. “Good luck to all the other teams out there competing for 2nd place.”, said Heikens. He’d also like to give a quick S/O to Nick Lachen for organizing iQuiz.