It was all worth it

It was all worth it

Esther Lee, Reporter

Seniors. Remember when we were eighth graders taking our baby steps at Ames High school? The beginning of highschool was a giant puzzle at the time, as we tried to figure out our schedules, get to class on time, and find our way around. And remember how big the seniors seemed? We all wondered how or if we would fit into this new place.


79392b48-25ab-4549-8ed9-41adfcf803bbYet, four years have gone by as quickly as the guidance counselors warned us it would. Looking back, how would you summarize your time at Ames High? What are you most proud of? As a senior, I tried to reflect on my time, and glean a little bit of advice for fellow highschoolers.


Stepping into highschool, I was determined to do well in class and not make trouble. I did what I was supposed to do, and followed the rules to achieve the success I imagined for myself. I created a little bubble and stayed in it. I was comfortable.


After the first year swept by, I took a few classes that poked at my little bubble. Some of them even made me uncomfortable, forcing me to speak up my opinion, interact with people I wouldn’t normally interact with, and most importantly, taught me to think for myself. This is when I started questioning what I wanted my highschool experience to look like. For the first time, I decided to try stepping out of my bubble.  Now, I can tell you that this has been the best decision I have made throughout high school. 


Your highschool experience will be drastically different from mine, but I wish to leave you with a few words of advice. First and foremost, step away from your safety net for a while. If you don’t think you have the qualities of a leader, apply to become a club leader. If you have never sung or acted, audition for the next school musical. If you don’t think you can handle a tough class, take it anyways. Do the opposite of what your brain tells you to do, because this is how you will truly learn.


Second, build great relationships with your teachers. Ames High teachers were once high schoolers like us (even if they try not to acknowledge it!) and are eager to know you as an individual. Do not wait until senior year, when you need a recommendation letter, to get to know your teachers. I have personally gotten to know a few teachers and will cherish this memory for a long time. Remember that teachers are people too, who appreciate encouragement and “thank you’s” once in awhile. I guarantee that you will find amazing teachers at Ames high.


Lastly, remind yourself that you will be a senior someday reflecting back on high school. Sometimes, life at Ames High gets a little hectic with classes, boyfriend/girlfriend drama, and school activities. Time will go by extremely fast and senior year will arrive in a blink of an eye. So before it is over, question what success in high school looks like for you, so that you can look back and say, “It was all worth it”.


Stay classy Ames High. And when we part our ways, seniors, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”