On Netflix


Hayley Martens, Campus Life Editor

And the school year is off with a bang! Everyone starts out strong week one, week two falters slightly and week three on the school year drudge sets in. Feeling overwhelmed already? Need to turn your mind off and enjoy some stimulating cinema or tantalizing tv? Here are some great shows and movies you may have already binge watched or are still buried, waiting for you to dig them up!

Shameless: Welcome to the ridiculous disaster that is the Gallagher family. Their Dad is alcoholic disaster. Their Mom hit the road ages ago, and the oldest child Fiona is trying to keep the family together. Lip uses his brains for sexual favors. Carl is a promising young criminal. Debbie is in a constant state of trying to grow up and Liam is black and no one knows how. With all this turmoil in these characters lives this show still finds a way to be incredibly funny  

Stranger Things: In a small town a young boy disappears. With his disappearance, things in the town start to pull apart and dark things emerge. From a mysterious monster to a secret government and only a few people believe the truth. Netflix did a fantastic job with this show it’s highly recommend especially from Junior Sian Wipf. She said, “Honestly, the best show I have ever watched. I finished the first season in a day because each episode kept me wanting more. Easily the dopest TV show out there right now. It was spooky and weird at times, but any normal person could handle it and enjoy watching it.”

Narcos: This T.V. show is a true life story about Pablo Escobar, the spread of cocaine and drug cartels, the bloody war against drugs and two DEA agents. This show is violent and attention grabbing while still representing Pablo’s love for his family. Eloquently spoken, junior Patrick Jurenka said, “Narcos was good.”

Colonia: I’m shaking things up here with a movie. Colonia is a historical romantic thriller with Emma Watson playing the role of a stewardess trying to save her boyfriend when he gets captured by a chilean coup. I don’t want to say anything else in case of spoilers but they are all worth the watch.