Neta is Corny


Lucas Bleyle, Print Manager

Corn. That was likely the first thing Neta saw upon moving to Iowa. It would have certainly been a contrast with the warm sunny beaches of California and the Mediterranean coasts of Israel that Neta in the past has called home. From the on the map locations of Jerusalem and San Diego to the landlocked state of Iowa is a big change, and some would say a bad change, but for Neta, she was content with focusing on the one thing Iowa does have. Corn.

On the campus of ISU as part of an internship project, Neta worked in a genetics lab where she researched the effect of drought on certain genes. A fascinating subject. Here, Neta raised corn and sampled DNA in the name of science and money.

“I learned a lot about what career research is like and I loved every second of it,” said Neta, “I know that this is going to lead to my future career in some form.”

“I think I want to do something related to biology because, I don’t know, I want to try to save the world in some form, in some way. I don’t really know how, but I think learning about the Earth is a good way to start.”  Even as she traitorously assisted the enemy that is large-scale agriculture, she boasted of being a proud member of the ORGANIC and SUSTAINABLE Ames High Garden.

“Garden Club is so cool! Learning about sustainable food sources is important, but just being able to spend time outside is better,” said Neta. “It’s a nice break from schoolwork and I know I’m learning how to leave a positive impact on the environment. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a bonus.” Disclaimer: This is not a Garden Club plug in any way, shape or form. To add to her resume of experience in biology she is also taking Bio as an ISU class.

So all Neta is is a science nerd, right?  As Drumpf would say, “Wroooong.”

“Usually people don’t really see me as writing poetry because usually I am really science oriented. It is my hidden side,” said Neta. We now discover the source of her goal of saving the world. Neta, the hopeless romantic/poet. But perhaps it takes a capacity for beauty to even consider the world worth saving.

“I really like writing poetry and reading poetry,” said Neta. “When I go read at an open mic and hear other people share their ideas – listening to their form of expression inspires me.”

And to any skeptics that Neta won’t save the world she offers this rebuttal, “The fact that Donald Drumpf could be a presidential candidate with his mindset makes me think I can do anything.” She has performed her poetry at Reiman Gardens and Maximum Ames.

Some of the things she is already doing are playing Clarinet in band, playing Bari Sax in Jazz Band, participating in Key Club and NHS as well as running cross country as well as political campaign at Next Gen.

As much as Ames High and Iowa have offered her, she sees her future elsewhere.

“I want to keep on learning, but also I want to move to a place where there is a lot of nature and not just corn fields,” she said. “I want to travel and see other parts of the world.”