Isak “Winner” Anderson


Lisa Cochran, Co-Editor In Chief

Within the affairs and happenings of Ames High, with immense modesty and scintillating wit, Isak Werner Anderson is there, striving to make an influence on the world. As a junior co-leader of SHEPH (Students helping eliminate poverty and hunger) he is progressing in his goal of bettering society. His favorite quote shows a lot about his mentality in life, “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”-Nelson Mandela. Anderson feels that this quote not only motivates him to improve the community around him but to improve himself as well.

He does not only focus on humanity, however, he dreams of a world where global warming is taken seriously and where military spending is cut by a marginal amount, “We spend so many resources that could be used and put to much better uses.” he commented. Despite his stances on the above issues, Anderson takes the sage advice of Tim Mooney and prefers to not get too involved in politics. He also has a strong interest in the area of Economics. So much so, that he sees this field playing some role in his later career.  Anderson also busies himself with a myriad of other activities. He is an active member of Student council, Debate, and the Ames High band-where he is a French horn player. In addition to the hopes of helping to start a Ping pong club at Ames high, Anderson would also like to become more involved with Dance Marathon.

As if he weren’t busy enough, Anderson works at Bike World after school- a beneficial job for him as he claims to gain more knowledge about bikes and their functions with each passing day. In addition to this, he frequently referees soccer games during weekends.

If unlikely and unforeseen conditions would occur and somehow place Anderson at the peak of Mt. Everest with no escape, he would hope to have several books with him. Of course, none that he has already read because he sees no point in reading the same book twice. His book of choice at the moment is a Brief History of Everything by Bill Bryson.

While Isak Werner Anderson remains modest about his accomplishments, he is nonetheless successful in his endeavors. In everything that he does, he keeps one goal in mind- influencing the world by any measure he possibly can.  And from the looks of it, Anderson’s future involves doing just that.