The Smith Twins


Ryan and Cary stare at the camera not knowing this would be their last happy moment together.

Liam Struck, Reporter

It’s the last leg of the race for birth, Cary and Ryan Smith are both hurdling towards the finish line, Ryan’s shoelace comes untied, he trips and falls! Cary takes the initiative and uses the advantage, thus allowing him to be born two minutes earlier than his twin brother. The twins were born and raised (for one year) in Michigan, more specifically they were born in the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor. Later, they would move to Ames, Iowa.

If you know Ryan and Cary Smith at all, one would gather that they are polar opposites. Ryan, a serious boy, a good boy, and a hard working boy. Cary, a sociable, dirty humored, and trouble making boy. Yet despite their such significant differences they are incredibly similar. Examples of this phenomenon include the constant fighting throughout the interview, the use of name calling, and that’s pretty much all the similarities they share, besides their millions of inside jokes with each other. Including:

Ryan describes Cary’s sense of humor as “terrifying and horrendously filthy”. My curiosity consumed me so I inquired where the source of his humor came from…  “Well, I was a little lad in elementary school… around fifth grade if I remember correctly, my friends and I were sitting around the lunch table when I brilliantly exclaimed ‘wouldn’t it be funny if we had a teacher and her name was Mrs. Balls!’ my friends laughed! At that moment I thought to myself… dang that felt good and that’s where it all started, it just went downhill from there.”

Cary did have nice things to say about his brother “I don’t know how I would of made it this far through high school without having him in almost all my classes, we can study together, compare answers, cheat off each other, that’s the real reason why we even talk to each other.” Ryan answered the same question about his twin with “Oh Cary… what I like about him is that he complains about Cross Country meets more than anybody I’ve ever met in my life.” As you can tell they’re a very lovely set of brothers who love eachother unconditionally through heck and back.

“A lot of our fights are about small stuff like who gets the remote or who Mom and Dad loves more, it’s usually harmless thoughtless fights but we blow it up into a bigger deal than it actually is” Cary tells while tearing up. Ryan is more into modern pop music, Cary loves 80’s jams. Ryan is quiet and undisruptive, Cary is loud and boisterous, but both share their undying love for seinfeld and washed up hollywood star Brendan Fraser. Both admit Ryan is their parents favorite, they refuse to comment anymore on the subject.

Despite their argumentative nature, the two boys do love each other… kind of… they’re two peas in a pod, each a half of a equation, two lovers on their own island of paradise. If you see Ryan and Cary together go up and see what’s up, also brace yourself for passive aggressive comments and resentment towards each other.