Is Pink Season in Season?


The album cover for “Pink Season.”

Liam Struck, Reporter

The musical phenomenon known as Pink Season debuted on January 4th 2017 and had erected itself to the number two album on Itunes top 50 chart closely following that one sound track about some hawaiian girl and The Rock saving the world. With such hit songs like “Dora the explora” and “Please stop touching my willy” it comes to no surprise that this musical masterpiece took the world by storm. Thirty five carefully crafted ballads of pure euphoria will send tingles down your whole entire body until you yourself put on that to small to fit on your body pink jumpsuit and leap into the nearest pool of vomit and emerge as an immortal meme.

This beautifully orchestrated album has fallen under a lot of speculation and controversy for reasons that still remain unknown to most philosophers and musical scientists. One thing is for certain, it goes hard. People with sick beat fetishes all over the world have come together to celebrate “CLUB BANGER 3000”, “Hand on My Gat” and “Nickelodeon Girls”. The composer behind all of this goes by the name “Pink Guy” Pink season in his second released mixtape following his self titled album “Pink Guy”. While it went semi viral at the time, it’s value is nothing compared to the deep, raw and emotional roller coaster of Pink Season.

Pink Guy A.K.A Filthy Frank A.K.A George Miller A.K.A Joji is an adequately multitalented person, not only does he have his main youtube channel Filthy Frank (4 million subscribers) which demonstrates through authentic one on one vlogs how deep down and sincere he is about non discrimination of color, disability, gender, and or sexual orientation. He also has a pretty well known soundcloud, where he releases more chill beats and self described “romantic garbage”.

Did “Pink Season” go hard enough? Did the beats bang your mind into the milky daze galaxy? Did the soothing chorus of “She’s So Nice” uplift your spirituality and turn you into a buddhist monk? If answered yes, then of course it banged extra hard. If you aren’t already brainwashed by the miraculous album Pink Season, I recommend you convert yourself immediately.