Josh Denny


Liam Struck, Reporter

Fresh out of the womb, Josh Denny was conceived at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines Iowa July 5th, 2002. Josh Denny is a charismatic, fun-loving and energetic individual. He is also part of the Ames High Freshman Soccer team, their record being only one loss this season. Other sports his takes part in or took part in are Track, Basketball, Football, and swimming. His favorite types of days are days he can spend relaxing and laughing with friends. He takes no stance on religion nor politics. In his free time, Josh likes to hang out and play with his friends and relax at Ada Hayden.

He also is an apparent lover of all things related to “memes.” Josh states “I love everyone equally no matter skin tone, sexual orientation or political view” referring to his stance on today’s divided United States of America. His favorite teacher of his current year of high school (Freshman) is Mr. Gorman.

Josh Denny is also a fan of rap naming such artists as “Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Nas and J. Cole.” Claiming most of his classmates know him as “The Plug”, The Plug has two cats, one’s name is Louis. The plug also likes to bowl at perfect games. His strengths consist of turning off a light when exiting a room and his weaknesses consist of “staying focused and having money.” Josh works hard at school and is satisfied with his work but says he does not always get the preferred grade. There he is folks, Josh Denny A.K.A “The Plug.” If you ever see him in the hallways, remember to ask before you plug him into an adapter.