Erb and Gerb


Sonja Paulson, Profiles Editor

As long as I have lived in Ames, Jimmy Johns has always been the place to go. When people want a sub, they don’t hesitate to drive to the nearest JJs they can think of without a single thought of possibly going to Subway. There is a recent addition to the sub sandwich restaurants that are in Ames, and needing to know if it tasted anything like Jimmy Johns, I traveled a whole 10 minutes to Erberts and Gerberts.

When I first walked in Erberts and Gerberts, I wasn’t disgusted or amazed by what I saw. The place was a typical sandwich shop, tiled floor, posters everywhere, and the constant smell of loafed bread. I ordered my usual sandwich combo (ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo), then waited for my food. It took 10 minutes to get my food, and normally I wouldn’t care, but I had single lunch and nobody was in front of me when I ordered. As I opened my sandwich to eat, I instantly became confused. Not only had they taken forever to get my food, but there was a random lump of bread on top of my sandwich. I thought that maybe they accidentally put it in there, but then I remembered that Erbert and Gerbert’s is known for giving the innards of the loaf of bread to their customers. Setting the bread lump aside, I took a bite into my sandwich. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the taste, but I did like ratio of all the ingredients. There wasn’t too much or too little of the ham and cheese, the lettuce and tomatoes weren’t touching the bread so it wasn’t soggy, and the mayonnaise wasn’t drowning any of the other ingredients. Overall, it was a pretty good sandwich.

I left the restaurant in a hurry to make it back to class on time, but I also left feeling satisfied. Erbert and Gerbert’s was good, and I would definitely go back again.