Best Classroom of AHS


Sonja Paulson, Profiles Editor

As I was beginning to write this article, I realized that there is not just one classroom that is the best. They all have different parts to them that make them the best, so I cannot write about just one classroom.

I have narrowed down the classes to four finalists, and each room has a different aspect that makes it the best. The four best classrooms in Ames High are Mrs. Seibert’s, Mr. Johnson’s, Mr. Sullivan’s, and Mrs. Jurgensen’s room.

First, I’ll start with Mrs. Seibert’s room. The classroom is a pretty good location, the only thing that is kind of annoying is that it is upstairs, but it isn’t completely out of the way if you want to go to that class. When walking into Mrs. Seibert’s classroom I always feel welcomed, and the atmosphere of the room is very laid back and calm. There is also a large cutout of Leonardo DiCaprio’s face on one of Mrs. Seibert’s walls so honestly how could you not enjoy walking into that room.

The second classroom under consideration is Mr. Johnson’s room. Like Mrs. Seibert’s room, Mr. Johnson’s room is upstairs, and, it is placed right by the bathrooms which makes it convenient to go to the bathroom during class. Mr. Johnson has lit up his classroom by hanging christmas lights on his ceiling, which brightens up the classroom and makes it a friendlier atmosphere. The downside to Mr. Johnson’s room though is the floor. The room is not carpeted, which can make the room seem colder than it really is.

Mr. Sullivan’s classroom is option #3. The room is insanely big, which is nice because you never feel cramped while in class. There are some recliner chairs which can be nice for independent work, along with additional tables for more study space. The downside is that if you’ve never had Mr. Sullivan, you might not know the classroom is there or might forget about it if you don’t walk down his hallway everyday.

The fourth and final option is Mrs. Jurgensen’s room. Like Mr. Sullivan’s room, Mrs. Jurgensen’s class is very spacious. There is an extra table along with the desks for studying, and the room doesn’t ever feel cramped. Mrs. Jurgensen tends to leave the lights off during class and let the natural light shine through the windows, which I really enjoy and makes the room more appealing. The room is carpeted as well, which makes the room cozier. The downside though, is that Mrs. Jurgensen’s room is completely out of the way for almost anything so it’s sometimes annoying to walk to her class.

And the winner is …*drum roll* Mrs. Jurgensen’s room! While the location is not the best, the extra space and welcoming atmosphere make up for it. The next time you find yourself in the industrial hall, make sure to visit Mrs. Jurgensen and see why her room is the best.