Sam Stuve


Sam Stuve, Academics and Arts editor

4 years may not seem like a long time, but at some points in life it is. High school is one of those points. In 4 years you can see major changes in yourself and others as well. In my high school tenure, I as well as many others, struggled to find who I am and what I wanted to be in life, how to be confident in me, and how I wanted to be remembered.

I look back at my high school tenure and notice that I made a lot of mistakes. Some mistakes I was able to fix or lessen the blow of, while I others I couldn’t. But at the end of the day, I’m glad I made those mistakes. If I wouldn’t have made those mistakes, I would not have become the Sam Stuve that everyone knows today.

I by no means am trying to suggest that I’m perfect now, I am most certainly not, but I’ve become someone that I am more proud of today. You see I used to think that I had to do whatever it takes to become well liked by everyone. This meant that I would do anything (within the rules) to get attention from my peers. I wanted people to talk about the things that I did, not the way I acted. In my first two years of high school I would say that I was self-centered and only worried about how cool I was. I wanted to be “the coolest guy” in my grade. So in order to do that I started to make rap songs because that’s what a lot of people liked about me, and while those songs are something that I think (or at least like to think) that people look back and find humor in, it could have been something that stained my reputation forever (thank god Sonja is really chill and doesn’t hate me because of it).

I was involved in a wide variety of clubs and sports in high school. Not only did I write and edit for the WEB for 3 years, I also was in DECA 4 years, I played football all 4 years, wrestled all 4 years and became a team captain this year. Doing all these activities taught me to never take anything for granted, but it could be over before you know it. Joining the WEB made me realize that I have a passion for Journalism. That’s why at Iowa State University I will double majoring in Journalism and Hospitality Management. The Web has been truly inspiring for me.

One of the best decision I made in my life was joining DECA. Those people are amazing, I found a home in DECA. I found my skills and how to use them effectively in my everyday. Qualifying for ICDC in Nashville and Atlanta was a awesome and unique experience. Also celebrating my 17th birthday in Indianapolis was easily my favorite DECA and high school memory. I strongly encourage students to give DECA a try. I strongly encourage to try new things. I know it may be scary at first, i’ve been there, but it could turn out great.

This brings me to my next point, believing in yourself. It’s something I think we all struggle with, but we refuse to let others see it. Deep down I believe that we all have struggled with that at one point or another. I have as well. But i’ve learned that in life, there are moments where your going to need to rely on yourself. Where you need to have your own back, and not need validation from others.

Throughout high school I have learned a lot about myself in high school. I learned my strengths, and I learned my weaknesses. I learned to not take anything or anyone for granted and to be thankful for every moment we have on this earth. High school was up and down for me. I hit an all time low in sophomore year. But the good thing is now, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m surrounded by positive and awesome people that are truly amazing! Thank you Ames High for all that you have given me!