Frankly Frankl


Liam Struck, Reporter

17 year old Senior Christian Robert Frankl is an outgoing, competitive but friendly run of the mill dream boy. Christian is involved in Choir, Soccer, Iball, Saxophone, Piano and is also an Ames High drum major. But who made Christian into the man he is today? Christian cites his Dad as his role model explaining that he’s the ideal hard working American man who has molded, forged and  crafted Christian into who he is today. He’s most proud of getting through Apush with Mr. Mooney, and getting through the four years of highschool.

He actively listens to Country, Rap and Classical. “I just appreciate good singers, it doesn’t matter what they’re singing, I can respect an artist who knows his craft.” he said, emphasizing that country music is real music. Christian loves Eminem and Chance the Rapper. “Eminem really inspired me to do Madrigal, because of him I became king of madrigal, without Eminem, I would be nothing,” he said. Christian listens to Brahms and Debussy while he takes his hour long bath before and after school, Brahms in the AM and Debussy in the PM.

Christian is a busybody to say the least but spends his little free time watching soccer, listening to florida georgia line and rereading the Harry Potter Series, he identifies as a Ravenclaw. In the middle of our interview I ask Christian if he has any pets, he responds “I did” and we all ceremoniously bow our heads for a fifteen minute silent prayer in honor of Jake. Christian may look like a ladies man but underneath his broad shoulders is a love for acting and performance, he has been the lead role in every musical at Ames High since his sophomore year and with that comes many a stage kiss. “It’s pretty chill because we’re acting so it’s not like a big deal” Christian says, looking uncomfortable.

Christians ancestors were fresh off the boat from Germany in the 1800’s, Christian has embraced his roots and is now in his fourth year of German. Even going as far as to host his distant relatives in the form of exchange students “I started hosting the Germans my sophomore year, they’re really cool people and it was fun to get to know them, it was nice to be able to meet people with a different culture and test my german on them,” Christian said.

Christian Frankl would like to give a shoutout to Mr. Reichart and this last bit of advice to incoming and or current underclassmen  “Be as involved as possible, do as many things as you can. Build a relationship with your teachers, I know freshman year you might think your teachers are scary or whatever but they’re really not and are here to help you. Take classes that challenge you because you’re going to be challenged in college so it’s helpful to be challenged now.”