Very Barchofski


Zoe Mamakos, Reporter

“I’m tired,” said junior Vera Barkosky, going to bed at 8 p.m. This is a common conversation experienced every day by her stay-up-late friends who can’t relate and literally anyone else who knows her.

Imagine the dream life, going to bed early every night, getting your homework done RIGHT after school, drinking coffee in your bed at five in the morning – that is a cunning depiction of the typical life of Vera Barkosky. A normal, driven teenager in the twenty-first century.

However, unlike most teenagers that go to Ames high, for Vera, Ames hasn’t always been home. At a young age, she lived abroad with her parents in the Netherlands and in South Korea. She spoke Dutch and just a little bit of Korean in her 8-year old -just short of a dream- fantasy life. She also spent some of her life living in Minnesota, which isn’t as impressive.

Although she didn’t love it at the time, she continues to daydream about her time out of America and how she didn’t appreciate it enough. Years later, one of her goals in life is to live abroad again and appreciate all its benefits a little more thoroughly.

She is one of the most involved people I know in clubs and everything else. Besides volunteering almost weekly, Vera is involved in almost every choir activity, is a co-president of Mayor’s Youth Committee, and is very present in community discussions. Her day to day life is very hectic but she still finds a way to get a chai from her favorite place – the cafe.

Despite her crazy life now, as for the rest of her life, Vera doesn’t have much planned out (as if any junior does). However, she does know one thing about her future career pathway.  

Helping people in any capacity would be a meaningful job for me

— Vera

This statement definitely describes Vera to a tea. While being a very good student, friend, and activist for things she believes are right, Vera is truly one of a kind.

She wants to change the world, and if she continues with her current mindset, she might just get there.

“If I could change one thing in the world right now it would be that men and women have the same opportunities in the workplace and anywhere else in society,” said Vera.

If you know Vera or have had the amazing opportunity to be best friends with her consider yourself lucky. She is truly an exceptional student, friend, and person. You’ve seen it here first Ames high, just wait, Vera will be on the cover Vogue magazine someday. We just hope she’ll remember us when she runs this world.