Jeremy’s Joyful Journey through life


Akshata Gandhe, Profiles Editor

Imagine you’ve had a terrible day at school. You’re walking down the stairs with a heavy backpack causing your shoulders to ache with pain. Every step you take is dragging you to the floor and the only thing you’re looking forward to is an after-school nap.

Everyone at school has had a bad day and the only things surrounding you are frowning faces of people who just want to leave.

You turn into the Social Studies hallway and are stunned by what you see. It’s Jeremy Romitti, smiling wide and looking at you. This is normal. This is a senior, Jeremy Romitty who lives his life to the fullest and believes in being happy.

We all know that one person who has their life all set and knows exactly what they want to do in it. Maybe being a doctor or a fashion designer, there is something you want to be when you’re older. For Jeremy, that’s being happy. Take a moment and think about a time when you’ve seen Jeremy not be happy. It’s unlikely you’ll remember any instance of it.

Jeremy involves himself in a bunch of extracurricular activities that keep him busy throughout the year. If you didn’t already know, Jeremy is a Student Council Co-President and has been a part of the Student Council for all four years at Ames High. He also started a club called the Green Team this year that picks up trash after sporting events, is his current favorite. Jeremy finds sorting paper calming, stress-relieving, and considers it a good social event when done together with a group of people. This is the very reason he has also been apart of 100th Green Butterfly all four years. and loves to play both soccer and tennis in his free time.

When not at school, you can catch Jeremy sitting on his couch watching Law and Order Special Victims Unit and eating some sour gummy WORMS. There is a high possibility that you’d see him jamming to some music from either Lauv or 1975.  I’m not trying to expose Jeremy in any kind but his biggest fear is staying home alone, it is understandable after all the crime shows he watches. Jeremy is very fond of traveling. He wishes to visit Italy at some point in his life and has a lot of other places on his bucket list! He went to Portugal last summer and learned how to surf.

Always looking for some kind of adventure, Jeremy is one of a kind. It is safe to say that he definitely is an interesting person to hang out with. If you’re someone who has had the opportunity to meet Jeremy, consider yourself lucky!