Paulina Lavrova: Lydia Lavrova in disguise?


Freshman Paulina Lavrova, Russian replacement for Lydia Lavrova.

Freshman Paulina Lavrova has arrived this year from Gilbert (someone bribed her) and is already on the Ames High Debate Team, like her sister, Lydia, before her. She also does Taekwondo outside of school.

As we have yet to determine if she is not her sister in disguise, we thought it best to ask Paulina if she wasn’t actually Lydia in a Paulina suit. “That’s… classified,” she said.

When asked more questions about her background, Paulina said,”[Lavrovas are] stubborn and creative.” She also clarified that she is not, in fact, Soviet, but “proud Russian.”

The cutest thing that Lavrova can fathom is Jean Baptiste Munier riding Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon.

Finally, if her life was a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, the actor playing the BA role of Lavrova would be Natalie Portman.


Quick facts:
Spirit animal: crow/cat

Favourite colour: none (not even Soviet Russian Red)

Hypothetically-earned award: Darwin Award