Elizabeth Jackson, Second of Her Name


Top 5 favourite things of the Jackson spawn (Elizabeth—Christopher)

Italian Food


Chocolate (not dark)


Reading (The Help)

Books and sh*t (To Kill a Mockingbird)

Grey’s Anatomy




Self-declared “such a white girl” Elizabeth Jackson is a freshman with one odd and memorable characteristic: she is senior Christopher “Free-speech” Jackson’s younger sister.


“People are like, ‘You’re Chris’s sister? Oh, he’s such a big man on campus,’” Jackson said. “Then when they get to know me, they’re like, ‘You’re nothing alike.’”


“He’s, like, 5’ 6,” said senior Ian Kolb.


According to the younger Jackson child, she and her brother really are nothing alike.


“He has really big opinions, and I keep to myself mostly,” she said. “Also his hair is really curly. Afro hair is his trademark.”


Elizabeth Jackson is charitable, an excellent trait to see still exists in the freshman class. If given the opportunity to share one of her favorite things with her brother, she would gladly share her love and ability to shop.


“I would shop with him, so I could help him dress a little better. Not food, though. He would just eat it all,” said Jackson.


She appreciates a more casual look, as she shops at Target, American Eagle, and Gap.


Upon entering her freshman year, Jackson was looking forward to joining clubs, school dances, and meeting new people. Now, she’s in Fashion Show and Speech Club (“The TV one…”), as well as Fall Cheer.


Jackson is also into academics. Her favorite teacher so far is Mr. Sullivan, who teaches her Honors World Studies class. She’s also excited to take AP Psychology in a couple years.


“I just realized I sound like such a white girl,” Elizabeth said.


Spirit animal: Squirrel

Favorite Color: Pink

Anything you miss from middle school: shorter days