Brett “Rolling” Stone


Nash Masinde, Reporter

What did you do over the summer?

I swam, I went to the ghetto, thats all I did I lied…


Any hobbies?

I really like to act and sing, I also like to make people laugh


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

I thought my mom gave me antifreeze instead of cold medicine, if that counts.


Cats or dogs?

Cats can be the realest unless they are mean. My cat legit tries to kill everything in sight if the doorbell goes off, but dogs can be really annoying and high maintenance.


What is the worst decision you have ever made?

Well when I was like three we were moving to a new house. So the first thing they got out of the mover’s van was my Thomas the Truck engine bike (only real G’s had them) and behind our house was a giant hill. I asked my mom if I could ride my bike down the hill and she said no but I was like #2Kool4U and decided to go down the hill anyway. Long story short, I ended up running into a tree at the bottom of the hill.


Will you be buying Taylor Swift’s new album?

Of course I am! Taylor Swift is the realest and everybody should buy it.


Are you related to Emma Stone?

I actually am not. I think I would not be living in Ames Iowa if I was. I am related to Julie Stone though. (By the way Julie Stone is my mom)


What song would you play at your funeral?

Well first off this is irrelevant because I will live forever, but if I do die the song that would be at my funeral would be YOLO by Lonely Island and Adam Levine.


One word that describes you?



What are your goals for the year?

I want to get a sick pair of sunglasses and then carry them around and never wear them except for when I say something like this to strangers: “Hey I heard you like juice.” *Puts on sunglasses* “Well, you don’t deserve juice.” And then walk away and never talk to that person ever again.


Guilty pleasure?

Apparently I should be ashamed of watching Under the Dome, but that show is the realest, because you sit around and make fun of it the entire time.


Favorite class so far?

I don’t think study hall counts, so chorus I guess. Not only because it is fun, but I don’t get homework in it!


Funny nicknames?

Sometimes people call me annoying, but I don’t think that that counts.