Flying fresh with Alex Gindt


Kub Stevens, Features editor

Ames High has a long tradition of producing some really cool people. Down these halls have walked the likes of Ted Kooser, Neta Snook, and Brian Smith, names you don’t recognize but should definitely take the time to become familiar with. Current Ames High junior Alex Gindt is the newest name to add to this list. 

I’m sure you’ve seen Alex before. His European fashion sense stands out among the typical sweatpants and t-shirts that adorn our peers, and his hair maintains a daily standard that is usually reserved for weddings and confirmations. You’ll have to ask him yourself if you have questions about how he makes the hair happen, but Alex did clue me in on the final step in the process: “I put gel in it and it’s good for the day,” Alex says.

When not doing his hair or being in school, Alex is a pretty normal dude. He likes to watch South Park and hangout with his friends, and he’s been working at the Cafe in Somerset since before school started. What sets him apart is that just like birds, balloons, and Superman, Alex can fly.

“I’ve got about thirty two hours (of flight time) and I need forty to get my private pilot’s certificate,” says Alex. “I’m hoping to go for (being) a commercial pilot in the corporate business. I don’t want to be a pilot that flies for like United. I want to be the pilot that flies the rich guys.”
Next time you see him in the halls, ask Alex how his flights have been or how his classes are going. He’ll probably respond with a joke if he’s interested in continuing the conversation. And if he’s not, have no fear: just like his planes, he’ll let you down very easily.