Talks with Noëlle

Talks with Noëlle

Jared Larson, Reporter

From the swimming pool to the debate floor, sophomore Noëlle Flugrad knows how to spend her time at Ames High. The story of how she got here is longer than most.


“So I went to St. Cecilia from K-4th grade, and first grade was hella,” says Noëlle. “I had a lot of teachers that I liked. Ms. Gehrbracht was cool, and then she moved to New Zealand.” Noëlle connected with Ms. Gehrbracht on a deeply follicle level. ‘We also shared hair product ideas. It was great because we both had very curly hair.”


The story continues: “I transferred to Sacred Heart (in Boone) where my friend had a knife pulled on her in class (in 5th grade). I moved back here in 6th grade and it was awkward because I didn’t know anyone.”


Noëlle has many siblings. Her favorite is known as “Bratalie”, a clever play on words connecting her actual name (Natalie), with the way she acts from time to time (like a brat).


Like many other teenagers around the country, Noëlle’s winter break included a lot of time spent catching up on missed television.


“I watched 5 seasons of Parks and Rec, Wayne’s World, If I Stay, a couple episodes of 90210 with Bratalie, some Doctor Who, and the musical RENT four times in one weekend. I now know all of Mark’s lines.”


So Ames High, no matter how you got here, things can get hectic. Take time to enjoy your rest, and sometimes bratty younger siblings, and you’ll have a sample of what it’s like to be the honorable, the lovable, the original Noëlle Flugrad.