Follow(me on Twitter)ing up after four years


Jared Larson, Reporter

zHey friends. I wish that I could say that I have a wealth of knowledge of what to do and what not to do at Ames High, but I don’t. Oops. Here goes a last effort. First things first a little tip, try and be nice to everyone you meet. Seriously, it’s really cool. Maybe even smile at people in the halls, there are hecka nice people here, and you can be one of them.


Also, to the guys, join All-Male Drill Team. You won’t regret it. State Drill Team will always be one of my most cherished memories here at Ames High. Also, join band. Ewan and Buttermore are some of the most caring and (fun) band directors I’ve ever had. Plus, drumline is the best part of the band, and then the sousas, then the drum majors. I won’t say how I see the rest, so ask me about it later.

Okay so one of the questions that I have to follow is “How long have you been here?” Great. Math. 6637 days?? That’s a while. Oh, right, I should thank teachers for the difference they’ve made in my life.


Seibert, you’re everything I want to be when I go to DMACC (and then ISU or UNI) for Secondary Education (but for French, not for English.)


Which is why I now decide to thank Mrs. Dobernecker. Madame, you made français le plus facile langue d’apprendre. Merci mille fois. You kept my interest in French, which probably isn’t that hard of a thing granted I knew I’d have you year after year. (Looking at you, Español.)


Mooney, you’re totally the best AP teacher at Ames High, and I’m so happy I had you for APUSH.


Zmolek, you are just the most interesting man in the world, not that Dos Equis guy. Somehow I could stay awake for your 1st period Econ. and then Sociology, you really do well at teaching, along with coaching soccer.


PS: (I’d also like to praise my lovely lab partner Emi, because without her, labs with Junck wouldn’t be fun, and sciencing would’ve never been born.) To Makenna Peterson, thank you for radiating the positivity I need in my life. 🙂

To anyone I’ve ever wronged, I’m deeply sorry. Thanks for a fab four years Ames High, I love you all.