Hayley Martens, Social Media Editor

Joggers are the pants for all people. They are unbelievably comfortable while still being fashionable. Many people don’t like wearing jeans because they are tight and uncomfortable. Others don’t like wearing sweatpants because they feel frumpy or not put together.

Looking around Ames High you can see frowning teens wearing jeans, sad teens wearing sweatpants but if you spot someone wearing joggers a smile is sure to follow.


“Joggers are for people too lazy to put on jeans but who don’t want to ruin their outfit with sweatpants,” said junior Rachel Junck.


Joggers, in the past were for what the name suggests, jogging. As the athletic and fashion world melded joggers became a staple in the fashion world. Ranging from casual sweatpant like material to khaki to silk, joggers are the pant for all occasion.


“They fit like sweatpants and they’re comfy as balls,” said junior Ben Klein.


If you enjoy being comfortable and of course still looking freaky fresh, joggers are for you. You can pick up these fabulous items of clothing at your nearest retail store. Once you try joggers you can never go back.