Achala Thippeswamy, Reporter

Scandal is a captivating show consisting of 45 minutes episodes which you are incapable of stopping halfway because the episodes are drawing you in during every second. By the time you are finished with one episode, the next episode is already playing and before you know it 90 minutes of your life has gone. While it is time well spent, this show can lead to several hours of procrastination however convincing yourself that it was worth it causes you to forget about your homework and watch even more Scandal.

The show is somewhat political however is not the main point of the show. There is a lot of drama surrounding every character, with each person having back stories that create incredible twists and turns constantly causing unexpected events. Each episode is left at a cliffhanger, the main reason the show is so addictive. It is inevitable that you will get invested in this show, which is a very good and bad thing. Unlike most shows it doesn’t get boring by mid season, and in particular the season finales are extremely intense and mind blowing.

Scandal is the perfect show to binge watch during winter break and is sure to keep you entertained. If you are a dedicated binge watcher, you may finish this show within break. If not, your grades will suffer when you go back to school, but it’s fine. It is vital to treat yo self everyday to at least 4 episodes on a school night, and 24 hours worth during the weekend. 10298420931/10 would recommend to watch this show.