New Semester, New Me!

Bella Andersen, Reporter

Being a few weeks into the new year, I no longer see those obnoxious posts about the New Year, New Me. Every time I saw those on Facebook or Twitter, my instant reaction was the eyeroll emoji. Because, let’s be real, we all are basically the same person we were in 2015.

I actually really dislike the saying New Year, New Me, but for some reason, I’m somewhat okay with the saying New Semester, New Me. It makes more sense than completely changing your life once the clock strikes 12:01. Personally, I think once second semester starts, you have a chance to get your GPA back up to where you want it, you can try a little bit harder in your classes, and you get to learn from your mistakes.

Second semester also means we can try out our New Year’s resolutions. For me, it’s all about finding ways to deal with my stress, becoming better with saving money, and trying to get more sleep. Junior Tala Salti said “my resolutions are to get more sleep, cutting down on Netflix time and to not be out of breath after going up the stairs.”

Since it’s a new semester, I challenge you to go join some clubs, join a spring sport, or try something new. It’s not too late to get involved at Ames High, so venture out. imgres-1