Bella Andersen

Bella Andersen, Honorary WEB Editor

Bella is a sixteen year old piece of indie trash who spends most of her time in coffee shops and shopping. (She has an insane spending problem, which is the reason why she’s always broke.) She loves sleeping and black coffee. In her free time, she enjoys reading pretentious books in campus, eating out, and writing in her many journals that consist of daily entries. One day, she hopes to pursue her dream of traveling around the world. Next summer she’ll be spending three months in Europe searching for the love of her life. Just kidding! She’s just going to keep her love for traveling alive instead. But finding the love of her life would also be nice… Hitting two birds with one stone?

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September 23, 2016
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April 13, 2016
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March 23, 2016

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March 1, 2016

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February 5, 2016
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