Planes in my pocket


Kub Stevens, Editor in chief

Imagine a world where unbridled power could fit in your pocket. Where you make the calls, you call the shots, you shoot the breeze. A world where everything you ever dreamed of could be transported from town to town, city to city, nation to nation. Does someone have a question? Send em to the boss. You’re the boss. Send em to you. Answer the question. Be the hero.


Pocket Planes: a world within the world. A mindscape on an LCD screen. An alternate form of life. A game where you run an airline, ship products and people, and make enough bank to start your own. Supply routes are crucial. Prior planning necessary. Profit optimization the secret to success.

Besides being entertaining, the free app also has an educational value. Senior Jeremy Cable said that the app taught him “the importance of commerce and effective trade routes, marketing, and logistics,” all skills that will serve him well later in life.

Pocket Planes taught him how to be.

As far as becoming a member of the illustrious Pocket Planes family, there is a complex and intricate application process. First, open the app store in an ios enabled device. Then, find the portal to Pocket Planes by searching with the keywords “Pocket Planes.” Then, download the app and enter your personal password.

Your life will reach brand new heights.