Nootropics Aren’t Limitless

Not really.

Not really.

Dane Dorius, Reporter

The word Nootropic is something that most people probably don’t know of- in a nutshell, it’s a thingimajigger that makes a person better at thinking. Or remembering, or not being anxious, or something along those lines. Intellectual enhancers.

They’re not just insanely-long, unpronounceable drugs that straddle the line of legality and morality, however. The most common nootropic is caffeine, taken via coffee or tea. Some take higher concentrations by pill, but that’s pretty rare. However, that’s boring. When someone wants to become a chemical übermensch towering over everyone else, they’re going to go down the rabbit hole.

What people use when they’re hardcore into noot-noots is a “stack.” These types don’t pop a pill or sip from a cup before they head out for the day, they take a cocktail of drugs, also known as a “stack.” These types of people go and look for specific receptors to block and specific interaction of chems to get an edge.

The wonders and follies of the internet are exemplified with nootropics- when before can people find information about any random drugs one could imagine, buy them, then cram all of them down every morning? On the other hand, where else could someone buy things that profoundly affect your brain, for better or worse?