Game of Thrones


Hayley Martens, Social Media Editor


Not many shows can boil your blood and affect your heart rate like Game of Thrones. It’s filled with immense deceit around every corner and more characters than one can keep track of. This season of Game of Thrones is off to a thrilling start and fans are sure to be shocked at how it plays out.


April 24th was the blessed day that Game of Thrones returned to our lives. The first episode of the 6th season was intense. It touched upon many different characters, and revived Bran’s seemingly dead storyline. All the Stark siblings were accounted for and with each episode they (possibly?!) get closer to a reunion!news-00094610-game-of-thrones-season-6-posters-02-1


When asked what she thought of the new episode junior Jourdan-Ashle Barns said, “I liked it. I’m still wondering whether or not Jon Snow is actually dead or just temporarily dead. Also, I feel like the full frontal nudity of a woman above the age of 70 was highly unnecessary. And I was really disappointed that Daenarys’s dragons did not make an appearance. Most of all I am really excited to see all of the characters storylines intertwine this season.”


“Well, last season ended with a lot of uncertainty and cliffhangers and so far they’ve been resolving them in really awesome ways and I can’t wait to see what happens with the John Snow and the Arya Stark plot lines,” said junior Zach Lynch about the first two episodes.


“Well I’ve never seen any game of thrones besides the newest episode… I don’t know, the ending was great,” said junior Patrick Jurenka.


In the last scene a massive shocker stunned us all, continuing the spiral of the story line. This season is sure to please longtime fans and newcomers to the show. The worst part is waiting every week for the next installment of in my belief the best TV out there. If you haven’t experienced Westeros have you even lived?