A Beautiful Mess: the beginning


Anna Ogilvie, In-Depth Editor

As one Friday rolled around, Junior Kub Stevens and I were discussing some troubles we were having that were out of our control. The conversation finished with one simple quote. “Life is just this one beautiful mess…and we threw away the napkins.”

The news and drama Ames High students are exposed to usually is concerned with ‘the next best thing,’ or negative vibes. This ignores all the good that surrounds them.

As a senior project, I will be focusing on themes and quotes I hear through the hallways and from other sources that pursue a positive message and push students to reflect on changes they can make for others and themselves..

I hope you take some time to read a few articles in the series “One Beautiful Mess” and maybe take two seconds to remember the simple things in life.

Music in the Hallways

When Ames high first started playing music in the halls during passing period, I was ecstatic. I remember the feeling of first walking out into the hallways and hearing the same overplayed Maroon5 song over the sound system. I was so excited and noticed my steps would change to the rhythm of the music. I’d chuckle to myself as others would change their pace as well.

Different students that I may have never spoken more than two words to would exchange smiles as we secretly jam out. For that one second, we had broken down walls and became friends in the world of that song.

That temporary connection is priceless, no matter what the jam is. Even if you may be sick of hearing that techie beat, or you just want to beeline to get to your next class, try busting a move sometime.

You’ll feel better and there’s a student out there who is thinking about doing the same; they just need you to be that extra push to release their excitement.