Trip to the Shrine

Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor

On a dull Saturday afternoon, my friends and I decided to give ourselves a little scare and drive to “the Shrine.”


We really didn’t know anything about it, other than it’s a creepy memorial to dead people in the middle of nowhere. But because of local gossip and exaggerations it sounded like an interesting place to visit.


Places like this tend to have no exact address. Luckily, living in the 21st century there isn’t anything that can’t be googled. After countless google searches we ended up on a forum that gave us a map to follow. Off we went.


Later, after getting lost multiple times, we had found the inevitable Shrine.

My friends and I pulled up slowly as we tried to take the sight in. We gazed upon the creepy words, hope, love, spring, painted on the playground as we watched the man’s actual house cautiously across the street in case he came out. We did that three times. On the third time, one of my friends noticed what looked like a face watching us from the window.


That was enough for us to be out of there.


The spontaneous trip sparked interest in the subject for us once we got home. We soon learned the story behind the shrine, or at least what people think it is.


Apparently the old man who lives on the house across the street had a wife and daughter. According to a rumor, they both died tragically. In memoriam to them he built a large playground type structure, painted different colors, to truly honor them. Many people who have traveled to the Shrine have recounted how the old man, named John Samuelson, would come outside with his gun and threaten all those who dare stop. Fortunately, nothing as scary as that happened to us.


Although it is not a must-see, it is definitely worth a visit. Next time you’re bored with your friends, consider heading to the Shrine for an interesting time. It may be a cool place to spend your time at, but a memorial is there for a reason. Respect the site.

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