Novus Ordo Seclorum Pt. 1

Novus Ordo Seclorum Pt. 1

Skip Stevens, The Reporter

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When in the course of human events it becomes apparent that we, the people, have so digressed from the individual investigation of truth to instead rely solely on the information presented us by the established education and media outlets in our determination of reality, it becomes necessary to note that we have consequently submitted ourselves to the subtle indoctrination and enslavement of tyrants.


For while we know that power corrupts, we also know that the continuity of such power becomes difficult to maintain upon being exercised in a traditional totalitarian manner. We don’t like it when governments infringe upon our natural rights. Of this history is the evidence.


But, however, if such a power be exercised as a means to secretly orchestrate events and manipulate the intake of information, then illusions of freedom will indubitably begin to replace real freedoms within society. Because through the control of information comes direct influence over thoughts, beliefs, and worldviews; the devices by which discernments and decisions are framed.


Moreover, the purpose behind this approach is not to forcibly take the liberties we hold dear, but is rather to gradually construct a system in which we, the people, will take it upon ourselves to willingly surrender our liberties in the name of “a greater good” as defined by the state.


Ladies and gentlemen, we are very close to that point.


But before it can be accomplished, cultural changes are necessary in order to completely replace old world views (most prevalently the teachings of Biblical Christianity) with the new ones promoted by the ruling elite. The focal points of these changes are:

  1. The importance of self-gratification as opposed to love and virtue.
  2. The prevalence of relative truth in the realm of spirituality as opposed to an absolute truth.


The first of these two points promotes the individual to find personal success in life, as well as indulge in whatever pleasure he so desires; specifically, but by no means limited to, the area of sexuality. The second point, on the other hand, is the more significant of the two in that it grants the individual the right to decide what is and what is not morally correct, as well as determine the state of his own spiritual reality. This right, however, does not bestow upon him the right to impose his beliefs onto others, for everybody who accepts this ideology must also accept that others have a right to believe whatever it is that they choose whether or not it aligns with reality.


The objective of these cultural shifts is to exploit the pleasures and desires of the masses in the attempt to keep each individual constantly stimulated within their own immediate environment and, thus, impair their ability to thoroughly analyze information.


To be continued…



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