The New World Order

The New World Order

Skip Stevens, The Reporter

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When in the course of human events it becomes apparent that we the people have so digressed from the individual investigation of truth to instead rely solely on the information presented to us by the established education and media outlets in our determination of reality, it becomes necessary to note that we have consequently submitted ourselves to the subtle indoctrination and enslavement of tyrants.


For while we know that power corrupts, we also know that the continuity of such power becomes difficult to maintain upon being exercised in a traditional totalitarian manner. We don’t like it when governments forcibly infringe upon our natural rights. Of this history is the evidence.


But, however, if such a power be exercised as a means to secretly orchestrate events and manipulate the intake of information, then illusions of freedom will indubitably begin to replace real freedoms within society. Because through the control of information comes direct influence over thoughts, beliefs, and worldviews (the devices by which discernments and decisions are framed).


Moreover, the purpose behind this esoteric power trip is not to forcibly take the liberties we hold dear but is rather to gradually construct a system that permeates to every human endeavor: a system in which we the people take it upon ourselves to willingly surrender our liberties in the name of “a greater good” as defined by the state.


But before the ruling elite can accomplish such a predicament, they must first implement a series of cultural changes in order to completely replace old world views (most prevalently the teachings of Biblical Christianity) with new ones as promoted by their agenda. The focal points of these changes are:


  1. The importance of self-gratification as opposed to love and virtue.
  2. The prevalence of relative truth in the realm of spirituality as opposed to one absolute truth.


The first of these two points promotes the individual to find personal success in life, as well as indulge in whatever pleasure he so desires; specifically, but by no means limited to, the area of sexuality.  The second point, on the other hand, takes things a step further in that it grants the individual the right to choose what is and what is not morally correct concerning his own spiritual reality. This right, however, does not bestow upon him the right to impose his beliefs onto others, for everyone who accepts this ideology must also accept that others have a right to believe whatever it is that they so decide whether or not it aligns with reality.


The objective of these cultural shifts is to exploit the pleasures and desires of the masses in the attempt to keep them constantly stimulated within their own immediate environment and, thus, impair their ability to thoroughly analyze information.


This brings up an important point relating to data analysis upon the recognition of “facts.”


Because in an age where individual facts–both historic and present–are very difficult to authenticate and so-called “fake news” persists to plague many streams of information, the significance of identifying any one particular bit of factual evidence is almost completely vain in the establishment of truth. But, however, if a specific fact (singular) can be identified within a pattern of various corresponding facts (plural), then logic concerning that fact’s credibility becomes sound, and, furthermore, truths surrounding its existence can be successfully concluded.


The task then lies in identifying the patterns. But in a society of people wholly consumed within the bubbles of their own personal realities, patterns can be deftly manipulated by individuals with the intent and, more importantly, the funding to do so.


For money can attain many things; including final say over the narrative by which information is presented.


Therefore, those who control the funding command the narrative. And sovereignty over the narrative comes with it the direct control over the perception of reality.


And if unnoticed in its emergence, this superficially-spawned, alternate universe will become coaligned with the existence of the true universe creating a level parallel dimension where truth and lie become almost completely indistinguishable for an unsuspecting, i.e. asleep, populace.


In which case, the system, as spoken of earlier, may be successfully implemented into the core principles of society, and the suggestions of those who control said system systematically merged into the culture.


Or in other words, real life as experienced by the average person in this situation is not, in fact, real at all, but is rather a mere byproduct of the system. For when one looks to observe the lives of those around him in such a realm, what does he see? Business people, teachers, lawyers, carpenters; the minds of seemingly normal people going about their lives in a blissful manner so as to simply exist. Yet, they do so within the confinements of the system.


They are slaves… Slaves kept in a prison that they cannot smell or taste or touch, a prison for their minds.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have allowed such a scheme to unravel within our midst. We have chosen to amuse and entertain ourselves in our own abundance to the point of absolute stupidity. We have neglected to ask the correct questions concerning the information presented us and have, as a result, become complacent to the transformation of how we think. All the while, those who wield power have esoterically conspired to perform, and continue to perform, that which is not in our best interest as to further the scope of their control:


They utilize technological devices to surveil and monitor us within the privacy of our own homes without our consent.


They spray various chemicals into our atmosphere by means of military and commercial jet planes without our consent.


They genetically modify our food through experimental production methods without our consent.


They tamper with our money supply via authority over the Federal Reserve Bank without our consent.


They conceal from us knowledge of cures for illnesses such as cancer, ebola, and AIDS; against our consent.


They stimulate public enemies, and wars without our consent.


They alter our understanding of these events through the indoctrination of their established news outlets and education systems with our consent.


For we hold these truths to be evident upon their thorough investigation, a New World Order is being instituted, they are taking control, and we the people care not so long as we may remain stimulated.


Surely, someone will pay for this idleness, whether it be in this life or the next.


“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”


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