Pink Week

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Ames High likes to support such good causes. “Pink Week” was a special event at the high school, showing its support for fighting breast cancer.

The “Pink Week” tradition began last year, and the administration went all out to get the point across. The cheerleaders decorated the school top to bottom in various shades of pinks to the amazement of the student body returning to the school. Though they pulled back on the decorations this year, the spirit of Pink Week was still there.

People wore “Dig Pink” t-shirts to the volleyball game, as parents sold pink everything on the balcony overlooking the gym. Pink shirts, pink cookies, you name something pink, those parents were probably selling it. The crowds who attended not only sported the orange and black, but hues of pink as well.

The week continued on as normal until it reached Friday. The football game was an all-out pink, in full support of fighting breast cancer. People donned their “dig pink” shirts again, pulling for the Ames High win. Football players had pink towels, and cheerleaders wore pink bows. All in all, a very pretty pink week for Ames High School.