Racist Oscar Snubs

Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor


A lot of scrutiny has been stirring up during Hollywood award show season this year. Much of the attention, according to sources like the Huffington Post,  revolves around the lack of non-white nominees in the categories.

This year all 20 acting nominees consist of all white actresses and actors. The two writing categories were also made up of white men. Is the lack of diversity of the Academy members the reason behind the lack of diversity in the nominations?

In a report by the Los Angeles Times from 2012: out of the 6,000 members that make up the Academy, 94% are white and 77% of them are male.

Even after a year like 2014 where race issues took center stage, the Academy still did not see David Oyelowo, who portrayed MLK in Selma, worthy of an nomination. Even though Selma received a Best Picture nomination, it was the only movie where the leads consisted of African Americans. The director of Selma, Ava DuVernay, a black woman, was among one of many colored people snubbed as well.

Although films are made for entertainment, many are also made to educate, and with inspiring films like Selma, filmmakers have shown millions of people what change should look like and how to spark it.

Since the US is such a diverse country, more diverse type of movies should be represented at such significant award shows. Until the Academy realizes that there should be more of a various portrayal of these type of movies, then as moviegoers we could stop supporting movies that don’t promote ethnic and cultural diversity.

Perhaps then the Academy would notice that movies as inspiring as Selma deserve to be recognized among the likes of movies such as American Sniper.