iPhone 6

Stephanie Shin, Managing Editor

Is bigger always better? Yes.
As the versions of iPhone increase in number, the skepticism of citizens everywhere follows.
“This is literally just the galaxy.” “I heard it bends.” “It’s just so big.”

It is bigger. The iPhone 6 stands at 4.7 inches, the iPhone 6 plus at 5.5 inches, while the iPhone 5 is only 4 inches. This means it may not fit as easily into your pocket, but a more comfortable viewing screen and larger words when necessary (for those parents who require glasses and holding the phone at a clear distance away from the face in order to read a text). With a bigger display, you can even fit 6 rows of apps on each home page.

It’s also slimmer. By only a few millimeters, the weight that used to be there with the 5 isn’t there anymore. And you can’t forget one of the most important features- the lock button. No need to reach all the way to the top of the phone, because it is beautifully presented on the right side.

The quality is on point. People will be all, “Daaaang your Insta looked so good” because the quality of that candid shot you got that you then edited the crap out of will be too great for you to imagine. And that mass snap you send will show every crevice of your face so we’ll all know you’re lying when you say #nofilter.

When you over-analyze every little detail of the iPhone 6 or 6 plus, you will most definitely find reasons for it or against. But let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s an iPhone. Does anyone actually have the courage to break the mold and finally get a droid or galaxy? Do you have what it takes to steer away from iMessage, iTunes, and the beautiful, smooth design of this treasured device? Probably not.

In the end, while every apple product may have many kinks, the joy of slipping an iPhone into your back pocket won’t be replaceable.