Review: New Altoona Cinemark Nextgen Theater

Braxton Buser, Reporter

Attention all movie lovers: the new Cinemark Nextgen movie theater in Altoona is sure to impress both movie goers and those of you who prefer to stay at home and watch Netflix. When I first heard that Altoona was going to be welcoming a new theater I thought ‘Big deal I can watch anything at home without spending money’. My friends and I visited the website, and we read that the theater offers electronic recliners, stadium seating, and a plethora of food options. My friends and I are movie junkies, so I decided we needed to check it out.

Cinemark Nextgen offers home-like features to keep their customers comfortable while also having up to date electronics to ensure the best movie watching experience you could possibly have. When you first walk into the movie theater, you’re welcomed by a spacious room offering many food options such as the classic popcorn and soda, but also pizza, pretzels, hot dogs, ice cream, icees, chicken strips, french fries, starbucks, and candy just to sum up a few. Along with the many food options, when purchasing your movie tickets you get to actually choose which seat you sit in to have it reserved for you instead of walking in and trying to snatch up the best seat before someone else can take it.

Upon walking into the theater (I saw Deadpool) the first thing I noticed was the stadium seating arrangement. This impressed me, because I’m used to the obnoxious flat seating arrangement of the Ames Cinemark movie theater. When I found my seat I was excited to spend the next hour and 48 minutes sitting in  the comfortable, spacious, electronic recliner equipped with cup holders that don’t get in the way of your arms. I never got the feeling I usually get in movie theaters that causes me a trip to the restroom just to stretch myself out. I stayed comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed my icee and popcorn throughout the entire movie. The movie screen stretched across the entirety of the main wall, and the sound and video quality was amazing. The sound seemed to wrap around the room in a crisp, clear way as if the actors were performing in front of you. In past experiences at movie theaters, I’ve noticed sometimes there’s ‘holes’ in the recording that are distracting as well as unprofessional. The video quality at Cinemark Nextgen was perfectly crisp, clear, and holeless.

I’d suggest making a trip to Altoona with your friends to catch a movie at Cinemark Nextgen, I think it’s well worth it and something new and fun to do. If you’re usually a stay at home in your comfy bed to watch movies kind of person, I’m positive you’ll enjoy this just as much. This movie theater combines both crisp movie theater quality as well as a comfortable at home feel to be the perfect theater for anyone who’s feeling like spending a good night with a movie and some friends.