Review: New Altoona Cinemark Nextgen Theater

Braxton Buser, Reporter

March 2, 2016

Attention all movie lovers: the new Cinemark Nextgen movie theater in Altoona is sure to impress both movie goers and those of you who prefer to stay at home and watch Netflix. When I first heard that Altoona was going to be welcoming a new theater I thought ‘Big deal I can watch anything at home wi...

Unbroken: an inspirational lesson

Unbroken: an inspirational lesson

Joel Devick

January 14, 2015

Yet again over the holiday season this year, Christmas day movie releases were pumped out in a large quantity, with many titles like The Interview and Big Eyes grabbing attention. With all the time away from school or work and time to spend with family, many flocked to bond with their kin as they enjoy...