Gravity: A Force to Be Reckoned With


    Gravity is disorienting, nauseating, confusing, uncomfortable, and haunting. And it’s beautiful. Alfonso Cuarón’s (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Children of Men) latest flick is as technically impressive as it is emotionally satisfying. When Gravity’s initial trailers were released, many people thought the film would just be Sandra Bullock screaming in space for 90 minutes. While that description isn’t completely inaccurate, Gravity certainly blows away expectations with its powerful imagery and stunning cinematography.

    The opening scene of Gravity is a 17-minute long single take, which is as impressive as it sounds. This scene will certainly draw comparisons to the famous long take in Cuarón’s other masterpiece, Children of Men, and while it is done with CGI, it is no less impressive. The rest of the film mostly consists of one continuous scene, with just a single time jump. This is hardly noticed, however, as the plot is so engrossing that everyone will be on the edge of their seat. Not only is Cuarón a master cinematographer, but he also succeeds in creating tension throughout the movie. At no point does Gravity ever take its foot off the pedal, and the final minutes are some of its best, with a driving soundtrack that provides an emotional end to an amazing journey.