Charlie Fei

Charlie Fei, Entertainment Editor

Charlie Fei is the definition of beauty. A fun fact about Charlie is that he doesn’t speak English. He’s learning, but his brain is too scattered with Calculus 3 equations to make room for the difference between “their” “there” and “they’re”. Charlie’s birth is not altogether mysterious, but is rather ludicrous; he does not yet realize that he was adopted and raised by monkeys. After graduating from Wellesley College (the only “male” ever accepted) with a degree in Journalism, Charlie set his sights on NASA, hoping to satisfy his dream of become an astronaut--it is safe to say that Charlie has been legitimately everywhere. Some of Charlie’s more recognizable feats during his time at NASA was his successful landing of Apollo 13 and his overall creation of the spacecraft. When asked to comment on his time at NASA, Charlie replied with “Rocket science was too easy for me, I needed more of a challenge”--in very broken English, with some Spanish and tongue clicking as well.


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