Four Album Review

Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor

Legions of teenage girls, tear soaked faces, and screaming in fearsome decibels only means one thing. One Direction have a new album out.


Yes, you read that right. It is that glorious time of the year where the boys of One Direction release their annual CD. They’ve been releasing an anual album since the release of their debut album, Up All Night, in 2011, and judging by the reaction to Four, they’ll be doing the same for Novembers to come.


Having just come from their first ever stadium tour, the boys are as busy as ever with interviews, TV appearances, and  even their first ever concert movie. They even rented out the entirety of Universal Studios in Florida to turn into a 1D themed park for their fans. Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn & Liam’s swoon-worthy faces are plastered onto every corner.


The new album, already #1 in 95 countries, features a variety of songs that will satisfy every mood. With softer ballads like 18 and Night Changes, the guys reveal their mature side, since they’re all nearing 21. However, fear not, with upbeat jams like No Control, and Girl Almighty, its easy to see that the fun loving, cheery sound that made 1D famous remains.


To say that the new sound of Four is ready to compete with the sound of notable bands such as Coldplay may be a stretch. However, this album helps document their transition from teenage boys into men. Although, they may still be in their early twenties, it’s safe to say these boys will be growing with their music.


Theres no going anywhere for this group. If you thought you wouldn’t be hearing from them anymore or seeing their faces, you thought wrong. They’ve even pegged another world wide stadium tour in 2015 to promote Four-catch them in the states this summer. After surpassing amounts of success people can only dream about, there’s only one direction they’ll be heading.