Winter Tidings

Winter Tidings

Corinne Sailor, Comic Artist December 16, 2019

2019 October Comic

October 2019

Corinne Sailor, Comic Artist October 25, 2019

May 2019

Corinne Sailor, Comic Artist May 23, 2019

April 2019

Corinne Sailor, Comic Artist April 14, 2019

March 2019

Corinne Sailor, Comic Artist March 10, 2019

Oct. 2018 Shout

Jonathan Watt, Reporter November 1, 2018

History of Shout

History of Shout

Petr Karpov, Reporter November 16, 2017

As you shuffle into homeroom on any given Wednesday and head over to your seat, only one thought is racing through your mind: “Is today one of those Wednesdays when I get to watch Shout?”. Ames High...

Illuminate By Shawn Mendes

Illuminate By Shawn Mendes

McKenzie Reimer, Co-Editor In Chief October 11, 2016

It’s no secret that I love Shawn Mendes. Stitches was practically my savior last year whenever I was going through a difficult time. So, it’s no surprise that I would be elated to hear his recently...

Shouting the New Leaders: Trinity and Jonathan

Bella Andersen, Campus Life Editor September 23, 2016

With the school year in full swing, the clubs at Ames High are welcoming new staff but also new leaders. More specifically there are new Shout leaders. Junior Trinity Jones and sophomore Jonathan Watt...

In Support of Folly

In Support of Folly

Jill Zmolek, Reporter May 9, 2016

When I walked into Ames High as a new student in 2012, my entire game plan was to get good grades and to keep my head down. Baby Jill was going to power through high school like a Downton-Abbey-watching...

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