Illuminate By Shawn Mendes

Illuminate By Shawn Mendes

McKenzie Reimer, Co-Editor In Chief

October 11, 2016

It’s no secret that I love Shawn Mendes. Stitches was practically my savior last year whenever I was going through a difficult time. So, it’s no surprise that I would be elated to hear his recently released CD, Illuminate. It is a surprise though, on the mixed feelings I have after listening to ...

Go Puff Yourself

Braxton Buser, Reporter

April 13, 2016

Who cares about Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram when there’s a website that allows you to transform yourself into a powerpuff girl? Honestly I’ve been waiting for this opportunity since I was a 6 year old on Halloween wearing my Blossom costume. The website (found at https://www.powerpuffyourself....

2016 Oscar Recap

Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor

March 10, 2016

Last Sunday, the 88th Annual Academy Awards filled the TV screens of 34 million people, (the lowest viewer turnout since 2009). The highly anticipated award show debuted to mostly average rating. Lots of controversy surrounded the night, because of the lack of diverse nominees. Chris Rock used his o...

Kesha’s Legal Battle

Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor

March 1, 2016

In 2014 pop singer Kesha sued her Sony music producer, Dr. Luke, saying that he subjected her to verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, for the past decade. Last week, the New York Supreme Court dismissed her case that would let her cut her contract. Her contract states that she must continue t...

Tidal is Not The New Spotify

Tidal is Not The New Spotify

Madi Franco

March 1, 2016

Music streaming apps are by far some of the most profitable apps available on the app store. Entrepreneurs and app developers are in a continuous battle to claim their spot on the top of the charts, and the newest addition to the battle is the app Tidal. Tidal claims to offer “HiFi” sound quality, and ...

Four Album Review

Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor

December 8, 2014

Legions of teenage girls, tear soaked faces, and screaming in fearsome decibels only means one thing. One Direction have a new album out.   Yes, you read that right. It is that glorious time of the year where the boys of One Direction release their annual CD. They’ve been releasing an anual...

Gone Girl Book Review

Rosamund Pike stars as Amy Dunne in Gone Girl (2014)

Sahar Sebghati, Reviews Editor

November 26, 2014

Being one to give in to the mainstream media, there was no denying I would be hopping on the Gone Girl bandwagon. As if Ben Affleck starring in the movie didn’t already seal the deal, who can resist a murder mystery? Definitely not me.   Before giving into the movie, I had to read the book fir...

PEP assembly video “AMAZING”

PEP assembly video

September 5, 2013

PEP assembly video 'AMAZING'