Prince Farming: a Bachelor review

Stephanie Shin, Managing Editor

30 gorgeous(ish) girls. A couple crazies. One hot farmer also known as “Prince Charming”. A reality television show already on its 19th season. What could go wrong, right?

“The Bachelor” is sold on the concept of one man trying to find his soulmate. Over the course of a couple of months, he travels the world, dates 30 different girls, and eventually hopes to stick a ring on one of them. But because 30 girls are all sharing one guy, drama is inevitable.

This season has started to be just like the rest of them. But this time, the hunky bachelor is a farmer from Iowa State University, Chris Soules. And Hollywood is absolutely loving this idea.
Sure, motorcycling and driving a tractor are extremely attractive qualities in a ripped farmer. But can we move past a Prince Farming facade?

With extreme shots of acres of farmland, they seem to be depicting Iowa as an isolated, desolate place that is impossible to find a companion in. Obviously, this isn’t the first time someone has gotten something wrong in Hollywood, because Iowa does actually have people. And cities. And people can find significant others.

But, no matter how different the Bachelor is, the show will always be entertaining in the most horrible way. Watching girls attempt to eventually get married to the same guy is stupid, yes, but intriguing and hilarious to watch. We may never know how authentic the events are on the show, but we’ll continue to laugh at our viewing parties.