Your Legs Are Just Fine

Your Legs Are Just Fine

Shelby Reeves, Reporter

As the warm weather approaches, it’s only natural to see a few girls get really fired up about the “restrictive” nature of dress codes. I’ll admit, I was one of those girls the past few years until I realized just how lenient the policy actually is. Many argue that the dress code is “oppressive and sexist towards women.” I say to calm down.


The student handbook lists five categories of clothing as unacceptable and disruptive clothing to wear to school.


Alright so what’s the big deal?


  1. Midriff-baring tops, tube tops and spaghetti straps.


Let’s take a minute and translate this into what girls actually wear. For the most part, crop tops that are owned and worn by Ames High girls maybe show an inch or two of skin above their waistline. Not a big deal. I’ve yet to see someone get in trouble for wearing a shirt like this. Not a concern.


Nobody wears tube tops anymore because they’re tacky.


Spaghetti straps? Frankly, if you can get a strap that’s an inch thicker, by all means do that instead of wearing one of these and maybe getting a sideways glance by a couple conservative teachers. “ARE MY SHOULDERS OFFENSIVE?!?!” No sweetie, you need to take a minute to calm down.


  1. Exposed undergarments, See-through clothing


This is where I hear a lot of complaining. “Waaahhhh boys aren’t told to pull up their pants but I get yelled at for wearing shorts hfkdjlsalawaahhhh”. I have seen teachers tell guys countless times to pull up their pants. In fact, there have been a few who have actually shouted across the hall from their classroom door to pull ‘em up. When was the last time a teacher shouted at you to put on longer shorts in the hall? It’s never happened.


  1. Items that advertise or promote drugs


Absolute no-brainer. Over 75% of the school can’t even legally buy tobacco. None of us can legally obtain alcohol or anything else really. Any complaints? Ok moving on.


  1. Items that are sexual or obscene in content


Now this is where those stupid, “go make me a sandwich” shirts might come into play. While I’m not happy that these are technically allowed, I’ve yet to see anyone walk around wearing a shirt advertising PornHub.


  1. Items that promote violence, racism, or gang affiliation


Oh so you want to do away with the dress code? That means wearing shirts that are blatantly racist is now acceptable! How does that sound?


There is a time and a place to wear any type of clothing. Would you wear a prom dress to the beach? A turtleneck when it’s 80 degrees? I certainly hope not. Before you say your right to wear skimpy clothes is being taken away from you, think about what you’re at school to do. You’re here to learn, not to show off your fantastically toned legs in Spandex. By all means, wear what you want outside of class when it’s appropriate. Our school rarely punishes girls for wearing something that’s “inappropriate”. Most of the time it’s just a warning.


Before you go rant on Twitter about how you feel oppressed, think about what real dress code oppression looks like. How many articles have I seen where young black students have been told to cut their dreads? How many times have young Muslim women been told to remove their hijab or other head coverings? These are unjust dress codes. The fact that you might’ve been told to put a different shirt on or pull up your pants is not uncalled for.

Sit down and shut up.