Deciding what grad parties to go to


Mykah Kennedy, New Editor

With graduation party season approaching quickly, I felt that it was necessary to make a quick guideline of how to decide what grad parties to go to. With over 40 grad parties on May 16th alone, you may need to turn to this handy guide for help. There’s four things you should consider when deciding on whether or not to go to a grad party:

  1. How well you know the person.

If you’ve known them since you were born, it’s probably necessary to go to their grad party. Couple years of baseball together? Yeah, why not. Met them once in math class? See the next step.

  1. How well someone you know knows the person.

If you don’t know the person that well, make sure you go with someone who does. That will make it seem as though you aren’t there just to see their hot sibling, even though you totally are.

  1. Where it’s located.

It’s close to your house? Sure, might as well go. If it’s too far out of your way or too far away from the grad parties you plan on going to, it probably isn’t worth it anyway.

  1. What food they have.

This is the one thing that could change everything. Even if you don’t know them very well. Even if you don’t like them. Even if they’re ugly. If they have food you like, get there. They’ve spent a bunch of money on this food and want it eaten, so you should definitely go help them out.